Month: January 2017

Tropical Relaxation: Earned!

I’m coming to the end of a leisurely weekend with perfect weather in La Cruz, Costa Rica. Temps have been in the mid-80s: perfect for that slightly sweaty feeling that you’ll never be cold again, but not hot enough to be enervating.

My weekend activities have alternated between total relaxation and materials preparation for our Jumpstart English classes next week. As a jubilada (retired person) I continue to find it curious that real enjoyment of leisure is contingent on some kind of project or work to recover from. If I didn’t have four hours of teaching, five days a week to prepare for and obsess about, I’d be threatened with ennui.

Jumpstart is a program to get rural or disadvantaged kids ready for studying English in high school, which starts with 7th grade in February. Many of the camps are run by Peace Corps Costa Rica, but Oregon’s Partners of the Americas also fields some teaching volunteers. Here’s the Facebook page link for Jumpstart: As of the date of this post (January 22) the kids in the top set of pictures are our students.

People have outside sinks here for laundry. All the water is cold, so it doesn’t much matter whether you’re doing the wash inside our outside.
Morning View of the Bay
The white lines are grazing cattle. Many of the cattle are white, with humps and floppy ears which are characteristic of the varieties of cattle that do well in the tropics.